2010 Song-Pin Raw Pu-Erh 2010宋聘号生普洱

2010 Song-Pin Raw Pu-Erh 2010宋聘号生普洱

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A great example of Yi Wu Mountain Tea one of the original six Pu-Erh producing mountains and source of many of the legendary vintage teas of decades past. Camphor is one of the characteristic flavors of Yi Wu Tea.


Produced for the hundredth anniversary of the 1910 era Red Label Song Pin, this tea is produced with great care and attention to detail. It is a tribute to the legendary tea of a century before, both made up of Yi Wu mountain, spring harvest, big tree, large leaf Pu-Erh leaves. It bears the hallmarks of a tea that will age well, is pure and clear on the palate.


Highly recommended as a strong example of what to look for in new raw Pu-Erh. It is a fine drink now and will continue to be as long as it remains as part of your collection.


This tea is smooth, yet powerful. The buttery notes pair well with the spicier, more exotic tones. It is full and rich on the tongue with notes of watermelon. The astringency is just right for this tea, letting us know that the tea will age well, and that it contains the subtle force to carry us away dreamilyshould we let it.