Yunnan Green Tea

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 Produced from centuries old, semi-wild, tea trees in Yunnan. This tea will call to mind the flavors of other classic green teas of China such as Meng Ding or Dragon Well. The main differences are that this tea can be steeped many more times that most green teas. Also it is produced from semi-wild tea trees at the beginning of Spring. These trees are protected from all manner of fertilizer and pesticides. It is an opportunity to drink green tea of a quality which is tremendously difficult to find at any price.


It is slightly more wild and cheekier in the earlier brews, that other more limpid greens. It is suitable to be drunk by people who, like their teas on the assertive side. That being said it remains a beautifully balanced tea, elegant but not detached from its quasi-jungle roots.


Natural notes of jasmine, pine, walnut oil (nut oils), lavender, olive wood, grass, lemon.