Blind Tasting with Shinzo Shiratori--Sample C 2010 Treasure Raw Pu-Erh

Sample C - 2010 Treasure Raw Pu-Erh
    I was feeling like I am one with the tree, and with mother earth. I wanted some tea to go along the green path, and got a image of large, thick, green lushes trees. A Gushu Cha, meaning a old tree tea. I was from the morning feeling cool and wanted something strong but something green. That day was the day I was supposed to write something about the sample C, so I thought it would’ve been the perfect choice. I used the method as usual, and increased the tea leaf volume to 8 grams since i noticed it was a raw Pu Erh and quite young. Thick shiny leaves that smelled like sunshine, oh, I love it! I used my gaiwan and 97 degrees water, filtered water. The liquor smelled like the fresh air, and I really don’t know how to describe it. It is very complex and smooth. The taste is very soft, and sweet, not much flavour or distinctive notes, which is actually extremely hard to find in young raw Pu Erh. This is good because it shows the processing is very good, and it makes you think. It made me visualize the atmosphere of where I was. The taste is very natural, and pure, tasted for the first 3 or 4 infusions like a dian hong black tea, and the honey notes really kicked in. From the 5th to 12th infusions i tasted a slightly plumy note after my sip. It was very unique and calming. I loved it, and I think I will keep investigating on what makes Pu Erh so special. The diversity is huge, and I am so curious about how and why Pu Erh can heal us and make us feel so good. 

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